Nikki Stainton

Hi, I’m Nikki. I could write in the third person and say “Nikki has all these qualifications” and “she is awesome” but that’s so phony. I’m a sole trader. Nobody else is writing this but me.

I have a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in English and American Studies and a Master of Arts in English and American Literature, both from the University of Manchester (UK). These degrees had very few contact hours, teaching me to be self-motivated, proactive, and good at finding answers. At university I learnt to think critically, research effectively and write concisely.

When I moved to Australia in 2009, I got a job working from home for a British company, 63336 Ltd. My job was to answer questions texted in by customers – anything from “When is the next train from Victoria to Walkden?” to “Who was St Kilda, after whom I assume the district of Melbourne was named?”. I had to adhere to very strict guidelines on format, style, content, spelling and grammar – and, of course, a character limit. This means I’m a fast researcher, a precise writer, and a cutthroat editor.

I worked in admin for a while before retraining as a town planner, studying by distance while working part-time. I worked for a consultancy for five years before leaving to set up my own business, Octagon Planning, in 2017. My planning work has enabled me to hone my research and report-writing skills. Over many years working in small businesses, I’ve learned how to build WordPress websites, use desktop publishing and graphic design software, and manage social media.

I’m going to upload a snazzy resume soon, but in the meantime please feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile.